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There are a variety of weapons in SINoALICE.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Weapon Types[edit | edit source]

There are 8 types of weapons in SINoALICE, each with a specific role. The weapon types are as follows:

Weapon Type Weapon Role
Sword Single-target physical damage
Hammer (Heavy) Multiple-target physical damage
Bow (Projectile) Single-target magical damage
Polearm Multiple-target magical damage
Book Debuff enemies
Instrument Buff allies
Staff Heal allies
Orb (Artifact) Multiple-target magical damage

You will only be able to equip 4 of the 8 weapon types to your main grid at a time, depending on which job you select.

Breaker Crusher Gunner Paladin Sorcerer Minstrel Cleric Mage
Can Equip Swords, Hammer, Bows, Polearms Books, Instruments, Staffs, Orbs

Associated Stats[edit | edit source]

Stats in SINoALICE are divided into physical attack, physical defense, magical attack, and magical defense. Stats benefit each weapon type differently. The following table shows which weapon types scale off which stats:

Weapon Type Associated Stats
Sword Damage scales off physical attack stats
Hammer Damage scales off physical attack stats
Bow Damage scales off magical attack stats
Polearm Damage scales off magical attack stats
Books Debuffs scale off whichever stat the weapon is debuffing
Instrument Buffs scale off whichever stat the weapon is buffing
Staff Heals scale off combined physical and magical defense stats
Orb Damage scales off magical attack stats

Elemental Attributes[edit | edit source]

Weapons in SINoALICE have one of three elemental attributes: fire, water, and wind. Fire weapons are strong against wind enemies and weak against water enemies. Water weapons are strong against fire enemies and weak against wind enemies. Wind weapons are strong against water enemies and weak against fire enemies.

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Weapons summoned from gacha can be rarity A, S, or SS/SR (from weakest to strongest.) Weapons are labeled as SS in JP and SR in global. Base A weapons can be evolved to S and sometimes SS/SR, base S weapons can be evolved to SS/SR, and base SS/SR weapons can be evolved to L. In the JP server, base L weapons are occasionally obtainable through missions from special events, and have temporarily boosted stats and skills only for the duration of the event.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Every weapon has an SP cost and equip cost. The SP cost is how much SP the weapon skill will consume when used in battle. The equip cost is how much the weapon costs to add to your grid. You only have a limited amount of total cost you can use to equip weapons, and this total cost will increase as you rank up.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Every weapon has three skills: a Story Skill, Colosseum Skill, and Colosseum Support Skill. Story Skills increase a weapon's damage by a bonus percentage in story. Colosseum Skills increase a weapon's damage by a bonus percentage in Colosseum. Colosseum Support Skills act as passives in Colosseum, and can activate while using any weapon in your grid.

Skills have a max of 15 levels for weapons with no limit breaks, and 20 levels at max limit break (with both Lv. 19 and Lv. 20 unlocked at the 4th limit break). Skill levels can be raised by using other weapons and skill orbs as upgrade fodder. Raising Story Skill and Colosseum Skill levels increases a weapon's damage percentage, while raising Colosseum Support Skill levels increases the chances for the Colosseum Support Skill to activate.

Note that raising a weapon's level increases stats, while raising a weapon's skill level increases the weapon's damage multiplier or passive activation rate.

Skill Damage[edit | edit source]

The following table is an estimate of a weapon's damage increase at each skill level (for Story Skills and Colosseum Skills):





Lv. 1 -
Lv. 2 3%
Lv. 3 6%
Lv. 4 9%
Lv. 5 12%
Lv. 6 15%
Lv. 7 18%
Lv. 8 21%
Lv. 9 24%
Lv. 10 27%
Lv. 11 30%
Lv. 12 33%
Lv. 13 36%
Lv. 14 39%
Lv. 15 45%
Lv. 16 48%
Lv. 17 51%
Lv. 18 54%
Lv. 19 57%
Lv. 20 65%

Limit Breaks[edit | edit source]

Multiple copies of the same weapon are used to limit break the weapon. Limit breaking will increase a weapon's level cap and skill level cap. You can limit break a weapon four times, so five copies of a weapon are needed to achieve max limit break.

Weapons List[edit | edit source]

For a complete list of weapons, see the SINoALICE Database:

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For a list of weapon stories currently logged on this Wiki, see the Weapon Stories page.