Medal Exchange

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The Medal Exchange is a trading post in SINoALICE.

Global[edit | edit source]

Medal How to Obtain Availability Expiration
Charm medal icon.png
Charm Medal Charm medals are obtained by limit breaking weapons, using weapons as upgrade fodder (excluding upgrade swords), and as Colosseum rewards. Always Never
Friend medal icon.png
Friend Medal Friend medals are obtained by clearing co-op stages with friends. Only 3 medals can be obtained each day (or 5 medals with the paid Royal User Service.) Always Never
Desire medal icon.png
Medal of Desire These medals are obtained by pulling from gacha banners. Single pulls dispense 10 medals and multi pulls dispense 100 medals. There are different Desire Medal series for each month, and gacha banners held in the same month will typically dispense the same desire medals. Monthly A few days after the month ends
(Differs) Event Medal These medals are specific to each medal event. These medals drop from event stages, with higher difficulty stages dropping more medals. Typically event weapons can be equipped to multiply event medal drops. Event Period One week after the event ends
Royal medal icon.png
Royal Medal Royal medals are obtained by purchasing the Royal User Service. This is a subscription service that can be purchased every 7 or 28 days. Always 180 days