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This Wiki is currently looking for active staff to help keep pages updated! If you would like to form a management team please contact Rikonetale (talk). As of July 2020 this Wiki is under construction.

To help keep track of updates and communicate with other Wiki editors, please join the Wiki Discord Server! Channels are open for reporting errors and leaving Wiki feedback. Anyone is free to join the Discord, but joining the Discord is not required to help out on the Wiki.

Wiki Rules

This Wiki is open for anyone in the community to edit, so don't hesitate to add information! To keep everything running smoothly please keep the following rules in mind:

  1. Do not add tier list pages. Tier lists are not helpful in SINoALICE.
  2. Out of respect for fan translators, do not copy unofficial story translations from personal blogs or sites without permission. Instead please link to the source using this template. Adding your own translations to Wiki pages is also always welcome and needed!
  3. Avoid documenting weapons not yet released in SINoALICE Global. Complete documentation of JP weapons is already available in the TW Database and any weapon pages on this Wiki are solely for sharing weapon stories.
  4. Please do not embed or link any unofficial videos, since these are difficult to control the accuracy of.

Getting Started

  • Feel free to register and join our wiki user base by clicking here.
  • There's a ton of great content at the Gamepedia Help Wiki that can help you get started!
  • Find out more about the wiki on the Community Portal page, and if you need help, you can always ask the admins at the Admin noticeboard.
  • An edit doesn't have to be massive; just fixing spelling errors and broken links is enough.

Create Page

To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below or in the search box at the top of the page.

Editing Guidelines

Content Focus

This Wiki plans to cover information for the Global server and JP server. Content will include general game information, guides, and lore. For the most part, content on this Wiki should not copy content already available on the SINoALICE Database. This means cataloging weapons, nightmares, armor, and enemy data should not be added unless absolutely necessary.

  • Pages for nightmares can be created as long as they are (1) base SS nightmares, and (2) are linked in raid pages or in guides. See the formatting conventions section for details on nightmare page naming.
  • Weapon pages can be created only if they are released in Global, and should contain the icon and weapon story.
  • Armor pages and enemy data will likely not be included on this Wiki.


Please categorize pages correctly to the best of your ability! This ensures pages will be organized and discoverable through Wiki navigation, and will also save Wiki management a lot of inconvenience.

To add a page to a category, type [[Category:CategoryNameHere]] in the page source. When creating new categories, you may want to add the category page to [[Category:SINoALICE Wiki]] or [[Category:Navigation]] if it does not fall into the existing categories on those pages.

When adding a category to a template page, please include the category code within <noinclude> </noinclude> tags so the category is not transferred to every page the template appears on.

For detailed information about categories see the gamepedia help wiki.

Separating Global and JP Content

Please specify and mark differences in Global and JP content as clearly as possible. Due to the 3 year difference in releases, JP has many updates that will take a while to reach Global. You can specify in writing or use any of the following templates to separate content as you see appropriate. More specific guidelines may be implemented in the future.

  • Separate content into tabs using <tabber> </tabber> tags in the source code:

JP content here
Global content here

JP content here

Global content here

  • For pages that include only JP content, use the JP Only Page template at the top of the page:
  • For pages that include only Global content, use the Global Only Page template at the top of the page:
  • For pages that include both Global and JP content, use the Mixed Content Warning template at the top of the page:

Global vs JP Terminology

Due to the long period between JP and Global releases, the SINoALICE community has already adapted some common terms that differ from the official Global translations. Since this Wiki includes information for both JP and Global servers, there is no hard rule on which terminology to use. However, as a general rule of thumb, Wiki pages should prioritize using the official translation, except for cases where the unofficial translation has become commonly used in the Global community.

Additional details:

  • Keep terms consistent across a page when possible.
  • Always list SS or SR instead as SS/SR to avoid confusion.
  • On general information pages, please include any alternative terms in parenthesis the first time the term is listed.
  • "Jobs" is commonly used instead of "classes" even in the Global community, and is also preferred on this Wiki.
  • "Gacha" is a general term and can be used instead of "Grimoire" on this Wiki.
  • Hammer, bow, and orb can be used interchangeably with heavy, projectile, and artifact since the unofficial terms for weapon types are already intuitive.
  • When possible please stick to the official translation for character names.

See JP vs Global Terminology for more details on translation differences.

Formatting Conventions

For page names, please use the following conventions:

  • Nightmare Pages: If the nightmare name comes with a title, please use the shortened name as the page name (for example, a page for Eris, Avatar of Gluttony should just be named Eris.)
  • Job Pages: Please write the character name first, job name second, capitalize each word and do not include dashes or slashes. (For example, a page for Alice / Breaker should be named Alice Breaker.)
  • Story Chapter Pages: Please write the character name, a colon , Book #, and Chapter #, capitalizing each word. (For example, a page for Alice Impulse Arc chapter 1 should be named Alice: Book 1 Chapter 1.)
    • For chapters where two character's stories cross, please write the character names with an 'x' in between, and the characters listed in alphabetical order. (For example, a page for Alice/Snow White Impulse Arc chapter 3 should be named Alice x Snow White: Book 1 Chapter 3.))
    • For the final chapter in an arc, write the Book # and Chapter #. (For example, a page for Impulse Arc chapter 5 should be named Book 1 Chapter 5.)

Fan Translations

Fan translations are needed on any page without an existing translation. Submitting your own translations is always welcome!

If adding unofficial translations from sources that are not your own, please do not copy fan translations from personal blogs or sites without permission. Instead link to the source using the Translation Link template:

When adding your own fan translation directly to a page, please include either the Unofficial Translation or Unofficial Translation Credited templates on the page, if the unofficial translation is not otherwise indicated by tabs:


Adding guides to the Wiki is welcome and encouraged! Do note that they will be open for the community to edit or add to. Guides are different from general Wiki pages in that they can contain gameplay suggestions along with information.

Do Not Create Tier Lists. These aren't needed and will be deleted without notice.

Any guides that are exceptionally poor quality or contain misleading information may also be removed.

Additional Useful Templates

Use the Icon list templates for adding rows of icons with links underneath.

Use the RES banner templates for adding responsive banners to pages that will adjust to smaller page widths.

Use the Page construction template to label unfinished pages.

Use the Section construction template to label unfinished sections.

Use the Missing information template to label any pages with missing information.

To label any missing translations use the Translation needed template.

For a complete list of useful templates see the Common templates category.

To-Do List

Visit here for a list of high-priority tasks you can help out with and here for a list of pages that need creation. Feel free to add wiki content not included on the to-do list as well.