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Colosseum is a game mode in SINoALICE.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Colosseum is the main PvP / GvG mode in SINoALICE in which two guilds face off in a daily 20 minute battle. The winner is determined as the guild with the highest Lifeforce (Inochi) score. Lifeforce is collected by dealing damage to opponents and seizing enemy ships.

Colosseum Battles[edit | edit source]

Colosseum battles take place daily at your guild's specified time slot.

In Japan Standard Time (JST), the available time slots are as follows:

8:00 12:30 18:00 19:00
20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00

In Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the available time slots for the US server on Global are as follows:

19:00 20:00 21:00 23:00
1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00

In Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the available time slots for the Asia server on Global are as follows:

12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00
16:00 17:00 23:00 3:30

Member Roles[edit | edit source]

During battles, guild members are divided into vanguards and rearguards. Vanguards are the front 5 members of a guild, and are responsible for dealing damage to enemy vanguards. Rearguards are the back 10 members of the guild, and are responsible for providing healing and buffs to ally vanguards, and debuffs to enemy vanguards. Any damage-dealing weapon used by a rearguard player will deal significantly reduced damage.

By default, the 5 members with the highest stats will be set to vanguard positions at the start of a battle. Any member who does not wish to begin as vanguard must change positions in their personal guild settings, or swap places before battle.

SP Recovery[edit | edit source]

Using weapon skills consumes SP in Colosseum. SP is restored by playing a version of the purification minigame, similar to how AP is restored in story mode. Unlike story mode, SP will not be recovered over time in Colosseum.

Destroying Ships[edit | edit source]

Ships are bases that can be destroyed by an opposing guild for lifeforce. Once all enemy vanguard are defeated, the guild will enter the ship attacking phase (Skirmish Time) while the defeated guild will enter recovery phase (Resurrection Time). The guild in ship attacking phase must deal enough damage to defeat the enemy ship within a time limit. The time limit is decreased when the guild in recovery phase resurrects each vanguard. If a ship is not destroyed in the allotted time, the ship will resume at the HP it left off as the next time the guild enters ship attacking phase.

Nightmare Summons[edit | edit source]

Nightmares can be summoned during Colosseum to provide a guild with special boosts determined by the nightmare's Colosseum skill. Each guild member can only summon a nightmare once during battle. The same nightmare skills cannot be repeated by separate members in the same guild. Skills of the same name but differing tiers also cannot be repeated.

Demons[edit | edit source]

Demons (shinma) are special summons that provide weapon boosts in Colosseum. A demon will only provide boosts to the guild that achieves its summon condition first. Demons appear twice throughout Colosseum, each at random times around the 15 minutes and 7 minutes left mark.

In order to summon demons, a guild must collectively use three specified weapons a target number of times. The guild that reaches the target number first will win a boost for the weapons. Each demon has a combination of 2 DPS weapons paired with a support weapon. The DPS weapon combinations are either swords and spears, or bows and hammers. Orbs are typically not included in demon bonuses.

If too much time passes without either guild reaching the demon's target, the demon will disappear and no boost will be provided.

Combo Bonus[edit | edit source]

Attacks from alternating members in a guild will add +1 combo to the guild combo count in Colosseum. Attacks must deal damage to count towards combo.

Damage-dealing attacks performed by the same guild member in a row will not add to combo. Support weapon skills will also not add to combo. Dealing damage to ships will add to combo. A player can also double tap an enemy to add +1 combo by consuming SP.

Higher combo counts will result in higher weapon boosts for the guild.

The additional percent bonus per combo is as follows:

Combo Range Bonus
1-200 0.07% per combo
201-500 0.05% per combo
501-1000 0.035% per combo

The total percent bonus at specific combo counts are as follows:

Combo Count Total Bonus
250 16.5%
500 29.0%
750 37.75%
1000 46.5%

In the JP server, there are DPS weapons with Colosseum skills that add +5 combos when comboing. It can be advantageous for guild members to begin a match with grids of only combo weapons, then switch to typical grids after the desired combo count has been reached. This quickly inflates the combo count at the start of a match for a bonus that will carry across the remainder of the battle.

Grid Swapping[edit | edit source]

The grid swapping feature is currently only available in the JP server. Once a player's main equipment grid reaches 170,000 in total stats, the player will unlock the ability to switch grids a limited number of times during Colosseum. A player must have selected subset grids beforehand in order to swap during Colosseum.

By default a player can only swap grids once before the match begins and once during the match. 10 seconds before Colosseum begins the starting grid will be locked, and the window to swap grids before the match is closed.

Nightmare skills can be summoned to increase the number of times grids are swapped during a match. These skills include:

  • Reset the number of times sets can be changed
  • Reset the number of times sets can be changed for vanguard
  • Reset the number of times sets can be changed for backline

The same nightmare skill cannot be repeated by guild members during Colosseum, so the number of extra resets is limited.

Gran Colosseum[edit | edit source]

Gran Colosseum is a monthly event of ranked Colosseum battles.

Blood Colosseum[edit | edit source]

Blood Colosseum is a monthly event with additional awards depending on guild Colosseum attendance. Blood vials obtained as rewards can be used to draw from the Guild Box Gacha. Guild Box Gacha is a shared pool among guild members which contains materials and blood weapons.

Sin Colosseum[edit | edit source]

Sin Colosseum is a special Colosseum event in which top guilds compete against each other for rewards.