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There are a variety of armor pieces in SINoALICE.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Armor is special equipment that provides stats and story bonuses. Each armor has a Story Skill and a Set Effect. Story Skills boost the effectiveness of a weapon type for a single element. Set Effects boost the effectiveness of weapon skills used against an enemy type, as long as all four armor (helmet, dress, gloves, and boots) of a matching series are equipped. Since Set Effects boost skills used against enemies, only damage-dealing weapons will benefit from the boost. Note that armor Story Skills and Set Effects do not apply in Colosseum.

Armor is obtained through armor event drops, story drops, and through the medal exchange. B armor can be evolved to S, while A armor can be evolved to SS/SR (or L in JP.)

In the JP server it is possible to limit break armor, and the armor series' specific arcana is needed for each limit break. Armor arcana is mainly obtained through armor event drops. (The feature to limit break armor may take a long time to reach Global.)

Story Skill Boost[edit | edit source]

The maximum story skill level for armor is Lv. 15 with no limit breaks, and Lv. 20 at max limit break. Story skill level is increased by using armor and armor skill orbs as upgrade fodder. The following is a chart of the skill boost for a single armor, and the boost for a set of 4 armor at the same level and weapon type.

Level Single Armor Armor Set
Lv. 1 10% 40%
Lv. 2 11% 44%
Lv. 3 12% 48%
Lv. 4 13% 52%
Lv. 5 14% 56%
Lv. 6 15% 60%
Lv. 7 16% 64%
Lv. 8 17% 68%
Lv. 9 18% 72%
Lv. 10 19% 76%
Lv. 11 20% 80%
Lv. 12 21% 84%
Lv. 13 22% 88%
Lv. 14 23% 92%
Lv. 15 24% 96%
Lv. 16 25% 100%
Lv. 17 26% 104%
Lv. 18 27% 108%
Lv. 19 28% 112%
Lv. 20 29% 116%

Note that skill levels 16-20 will not be achievable in Global servers until armor limit breaking is introduced.

JP Armor Icon Translations[edit | edit source]

In the JP server, the story skill's associated weapon type is denoted by characters in the lower right corner of the armor icon. The following is a translation of armor characters:

JP Translation
刀剣 Sword
打撃 Hammer
射出 Gun
長柄 Polearm
祈禱 Staff
楽器 Instrument
魔書 Book
魔具 Orb

Armor List[edit | edit source]

For a complete list of armor, see the SINoALICE Database:

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